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School of Ministry

Our 2 Year School of Ministry

The foundation of New Life Bible College is our two year School of Ministry.  This life changing program is inspired by our revolutionary outlook on ministerial training, and is driven by our God-given passion to raise up and equip ministers and leaders in the body of Christ.

We believe that proper ministry training cannot be separated from a personal relationship with God, a community of like-minded believers, and practical, hands-on experience. Therefore, we strive to provide an environment which embodies this spirit of excellence and growth.

New Life Bible College draws from a rich heritage spanning more than three and a half decades, and has continued to flourish throughout the years. We are now established as an accredited degree-granting institution, yet we have never lost sight of our original

focus; to teach people to walk in the miraculous while living lives of character and integrity. We train all of our students to win the lost, to care for the poor, to cast out devils, and to lay hands on the sick and see them recover. This equipping has enabled New Life Bible College to send thousands of individuals around the world to minister the power of the Gospel.

Year One – The Foundation

The first year of our School of Ministry program is designed to provide students with a solid Biblical framework from which to build a life of excellence and Godliness. During this time we seek to instill lasting character through strong teaching and engaging, immediate ministry. Furthermore, by immersing students in a God-centered community, we encourage them to independently pursue a deeper relationship with the Lord.

Throughout this year, you’ll discover key Biblical truths behind such topics as Faith, Miracles, Healing, Authority, Grace, the Gifts of the Spirit (and many more!)

Year Two – The Application

In the second year of our School of Ministry program, our students become part of a hands-on learning environment. We invite students to step out and involve themselves in first-hand ministry, which is made available through our various outreach programs. Church helps, feeding the poor, door-to-door witnessing, road ministry, and mission trips are all a part of this life changing experience!